oh, life, you freak.

You all know we’ve struggled here. We’ve wanted to buy a house, but it just hasn’t worked out for us. Well, sometimes when you just throw your hands up, and try to just do the right thing and ball up your life and all of your problems and hand it over to God in one big, sticky mess, He helps you out just a little. With that in mind: a timeline. 

  1. Decided to switch real estate agents to save some money on the commission on our house sale. It was listed less than a day and we had 9 showings in one day. 
  2. Less than a day and a half after listing, we accepted the higher of two cash offers.
  3. Put an offer on the red door house we have been coveting for weeks. Prayed.
  4. Put the word out about our condo.
  5. Got a call from our agent who said our offer on the red door house was accepted. There were some people who had nearly bought it two weeks ago but their financing fell through. Miracle. There were some other people who have seen it three times but haven’t submitted an offer.
  6. Worried for 30 seconds about the condo. A person contacted me a few minutes later. Could she move in tomorrow? Too soon? Monday should work.
  7. It just so happens that Steve took work off next week to work on the basement that we are no longer going to have to put work into. Now we can spend that time trying to figure out where we’re going to live while we wait to close on our house. Haha!

As you might recall, our move to Eagle Mountain went about the same way. With absolutely no idea what we were doing but just hoping that Heavenly Father knew what was going on, we moved. We weren’t positive that we wouldn’t end up homeless at some point. And suddenly, we had jobs. We had a place to live. We had kids Loafy’s age and cousins all around us. 

Sometimes faith is just kind of awesome like that.

Moral of the story: What the heck is with life anyway?!


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